It’s a Yoga Pants Kind of Day

Yesterday my husband and I ran 6 miles around campus, which isn’t an exceptionally long run, but is the longest I’ve done in awhile, and this morning I was definitely feeling worn out. I decided that even though I had to work office hours in the morning, and give some interviews for a Women in Engineering program in the afternoon, I was wearing yoga pants. Paired with a nice top, they look semi-professional…right? It makes me want to buy a pair of these black dress yoga pants from Betabrand. What a great idea.

Black dress yoga pants from

Maybe it’s because I’m hungry, or because it’s hot out today, reminding me that it’s the middle of summer, but I cannot stop searching for delicious recipes for the grill. I try to eat  as clean as possible, and I tend to primarily maintain a vegetarian diet. I do eat meat every once in awhile, but I make a  conscious effort to avoid it the majority of the time. This means that when I post recipes, they will mostly be vegetarian–give them a chance, they can be as delicious as the meaty alternatives!

First of all, I love this bread recipe by Artisan Bread in Five. It is extremely easy to make, and you can keep the dough in your refrigerator for up to two weeks! The loaves have crunchy crust and a perfect interior. Here’s a picture of one of my misshapen yet delicious loaves.

Homemade Bread

Back to the grilling! I found this list of 38 Vegetarian Grilling Recipes, and at the moment, I want to eat all of them! The grilled herb garden pizza sounds especially delicious at the moment. That’s all for now–I’ll go back to daydreaming about eating copious amounts of food. 🙂


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