Resting After Injuries and a Crazy Doggie

Hello everyone!

After my last post, I was feeling very good about running, but my foot was hurting. It started to feel better a few days later, but (stupidly!) I went rock climbing and then it was so painful I could barely walk! It basically hurt right where this picture shows, specifically under my second toe:

This was very concerning considering I was only 2 weeks out from my half, and because…well, I walk a lot, and walking was hurting me a lot. I am very proud of myself though, because I have not run in over a week, and now it doesn’t hurt at all! I hate taking time off from running, especially with a race coming up, but I knew I would regret it in the long run (hehe, no pun intended) if I didn’t let it heal properly.

In other news, we have been training our dog to do different tricks and she learns so fast. I am super impressed with her, and I’m happy that we decided to add her to our family. πŸ™‚ Sometimes she does things that make me a little crazy…

Nova looking at me as if she’d done nothing wrong…after tearing up her whole bed

BUT overall, she is a great dog, and I love having her around. Even when she does stuff like tear up her bed, she still manages to look so cute that I can’t be mad for long. πŸ™‚ Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


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