Busy Week!

This week has been insanely busy! For my Master’s work, I built a balance board that can be modified in real time. Basically, I can control how hard or easy it is to balance on the board. This can be interesting, because it can put healthy people in unstable regions–allowing us to learn about instabilities and why they occur. The balance board looks like this:

Now that I’ve finished my Master’s, part of my PhD work includes testing the board on different human populations. I did some pilot testing for my thesis, but now we are doing full blown studies with college-aged students. The testing takes a little less than an hour and a half, and we just put people through various conditions on the board. We’ve already tested 7 people this week! It’s very interesting work and I like getting to see people use the board I built, but it sure is exhausting.

Outside of school work, I haven’t made time to run much this week. I did a 3 miler on Tuesday morning before I went to campus, but that’s it. Hopefully today I will squeeze in at least 3-4 miles and maybe some time on the stationary bike. The time change is killing me since it’s dark by the time I get home! Have a good rest of the week, everyone! πŸ™‚


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