Winter Running!

Because of a combination of being super busy, and the loss of several hours of daylight, the past few weeks I haven’t been working out/running enough. Of course I shouldn’t make excuses, and I need to just alter my schedule to do everything I want to do. Today I brought workout clothes with me to campus so that I can just go straight to the co-rec on the way home. As a side note, I did a lot of running this summer, so I didn’t go to our university rec center much, but I really take it for granted. It is such an awesome facility, check out some pictures:

Our huge aquatic center
The front entrance to the co-rec
View as you enter the facility

There is also a running track that overlooks several different gyms (making running in tiny circles somewhat more interesting, a rock climbing wall (you can see part of it in the last picture–bottom left). Even making this post has made me more motivated to get to the gym. What motivates you to go workout?


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