I’m back to life in the real world…

Sorry for the long hibernation I went into there at the beginning of the year. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I’m a PhD student, and we had our qualifying exams from February 2nd-14th. They are very intimidating exams because not only are they super hard (most of them cover everything you were supposed to learn in undergrad, some even expect you to know information beyond that), but you also only get two chances to take them—if you don’t pass then you get kicked out of the program 😮 I get stressed out very easily, so as you can imagine, these exams weren’t ideal for me. I actually enjoyed studying intensely and learning/reviewing a lot of material, but when it comes time to take the exam, I become a bundle of nerves. They felt like they went alright though, so we will see. Oh yeah, that’s the other frustrating thing–they take about a month and a half to grade them, so you are just left wondering for weeks if you passed or not. Ahh, well I’m trying to just put it behind me and think about other things until I get the results.

In other news, I have been attempting to train for both a 10k (April 4th), and a sprint triathlon (April 18th), but I have pretty much been failing. I did well with my runs for about 5 days, then I got overwhelmed with exams, and for the past few days I have been trying to catch up on sleep. SO today I am starting anew with my plans to rock both this 10k and the tri. I have done both events before, so I should mostly know what to expect. I have basically combined an intermediate 10k plan and an intermediate tri plan to make my schedule. It includes running 5 days a week (I may cut that to 4, we will see how I feel after a couple weeks), swimming twice a week, and cycling twice a week. One complete rest day, which means that there are several days where I’ll be doubling up on activities. I think it will be a fun challenge to train for two events at once (they really aren’t THAT different, there is a run as part of the tri, and all of the training will be building up my cardio, which never hurts).

That’s all I have for now. I am going to be updating more regularly now that I don’t have the scary exam cloud hanging over my head. I’ll leave you with a picture of this sad looking doggie.

We gave it to Nova (it was 90% off yesterday since Valentine’s Day is over), and within 1 minute she ripped off its nose. I thought the pillow seemed very appropriate for the poor little dog ha!


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