New Bike Trainer!

I have been searching Craigslist and local stores for a bike trainer for almost a full year, and I finally found one for a decent price! πŸ™‚ The brand is Kinetic by Kurt and it is a fluid trainer. Basically there are two options for bike trainers: magnetic and fluid. Generally magnetic trainers are cheaper, but louder. Since my trainer is going to hang out in our office, I figured I should go with the quieter option if at all possible–I don’t want to drive D crazy while he’s trying to work.

Kinetic by Kurt: The Road Machine

I like using the spin bikes at the co-rec, but I love that now I can knock out a workout in no time at all (since I don’t have to even leave the house), and that it gets me used to riding on my actual road bike. It’s still important to do rides outside to get used to wind, hills, and other natural influences of being outdoors, but it’s nice to be able to get some extra riding time in such a convenient way.

Part of the reason that I pulled the trigger to buy the trainer at this particular point in time is that I am thinking about doing an Olympic distance triathlon this fall. The Purdue Triathlon Club sponsors one at the end of September, which means it’s a local race, it’s affordable, and it’s at a great time (far enough away from now so that I can train properly, but still 6 weeks before my half marathon, so I’ll have time to recover and refocus my training). I haven’t fully committed yet, but I created a training plan that is a mixture of a half marathon training plan and an Olympic triathlon training plan, and I have been following that this week. Hopefully I’ll feel confident enough within the next few weeks to actually sign up. πŸ™‚

In other news, tomorrow D and I are going to Brown County State Park to go mountain biking for the day! I have never been mountain biking, so I am extremely excited. πŸ™‚ We are going to camp in the park Saturday night and then maybe do some hiking or exploring on Sunday. It should be a great weekend!


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