Una Boda en la Ciudad de México

Last weekend one of my good friends, Adriana, got married in Mexico City. I was so honored when she asked me to be a part of her wedding, and when I found out it was going to be in Mexico City, I was even more excited!

Adriana and I at my wedding

We flew down to Mexico City on Thursday morning so that we’d have time to settle in before the wedding festivities began. We got lucky and got put in an emergency exit row so we had plenty of room to spread out on the flight. 

Thursday was spent exploring the area and having some delicious food. Friday morning we saw some ruins in the city, and then walked about 3 miles through the area. We ended the morning with the Diego Rivera museum where we were able to see his huge mural–it was beautiful and tells a long story. Friday afternoon we had the rehearsal followed by a dinner for anyone who had made the trip to Mexico City.

The church where they got married

Saturday morning we woke up ready to start preparing for the wedding. They had hired a great team to come to the hotel and do everyone’s hair and/or makeup. All of the bridesmaids looked great. 🙂

Getting my hair done with my cute “Bride’s Entourage” shirt
After we were all ready, we walked the block from the hotel to the church. This doesn’t seem like that far of a walk, but when the bride has a 5 foot train, it gets a little tricky. 🙂 We all worked together to make sure that she arrived to the church looking perfect.

Preparing for the walk–her dad looks so proud 🙂

The wedding was half in Spanish and half in English–a beautiful, very unique ceremony. After the wedding we took quite a few pictures with friends and family in the church, and then walked to the large plaza to take pictures with the bridal party.

Bridesmaids with the happy couple in the church

The plaza that we took pictures in is the largest plaza in the western hemisphere. At the end of the plaza is a huge, beautiful church, so the pictures were incredible.

The bridal party with the couple–church and Mexican flag in the background

After the photographers felt like we had taken enough pictures, we headed back to the hotel to wait until it was time for us to arrive at the reception. The reception was only half a block from the hotel, so all of the events of the day were within one block–this was so convenient! Once we entered the reception, the party started! The dinner was incredible; very different than what we expect from weddings in the US, but absolutely delicious. 

Cutting the cake–notice all of the extra sweets for the guests!

Afterwards, the dancing (and tequila shots) started and didn’t stop for hours and hours. 

Bridal party taking the first tequila shot of the night
We had such a great time and I am so happy that I got to be a part of the weekend.
Tired, exhausted, but so happy at the end of the night 🙂


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