Orchestra Concert

I’m pushing it a little bit today, getting my blog post out just before midnight. The streak still stands…day 3, ha! πŸ™‚ Today is going to be short, but hopefully enjoyable. I play the violin in the Purdue Philharmonic Orchestra, and we had a concert tonight. Purdue and IU have an agreement about which majors each school can have, so Purdue has engineering, a vet school, aviation, and IU has a med school, a dental school, a law school, (geez, as I’m writing this it seems like Purdue may have gotten the raw end of this deal…), and a [very good] music school. Because Purdue doesn’t have a music school, all of our musical groups (marching band, jazz bands, concert bands, and orchestras) are made up of people who truly want to be there and are only participating because they love it. This makes it extremely enjoyable to be a part of! πŸ™‚

Random picture of Philharmonic Orchestra (not from today’s concert)

Since we have been rehearsing the concert music for the past 5 weeks, I constantly have the songs running through my head. I really enjoyed the music that we played for this concert, so I wanted to give you guys some links to listen to these great pieces.

The first is the Overture to La Forza Del Destino by Giuseppe Verdi. This is a short one (less than 8 minutes), so it’s easy and quick to listen to as you browse the internet or catch up on your blogging. πŸ™‚ The second piece that we played was The Planets by Gustav Holst. This one is quiet a bit longer, but split up into sections about each of the different planets, so you can break it up if you don’t want to listen to it all at once. If you listen to this one, I’m sure you’ll hear some familiar parts–this music is used a lot in movies (especially sci-fi movies).

Hope you enjoy the orchestra music! I’m off to bed so I can tackle my 9 mile long run in the morning! Have a good Saturday evening/Sunday morning.


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