Sunday Funday!

Hello all! I can’t believe that the weekend is already over…where did it go?! I started off the day by making pumpkin bread, and within 5 minutes of putting it in the oven, I was off on my long run. I ran 8.5 last weekend, but it wasn’t really a great run (I was fine until about 6.5, then just felt really sluggish and ready to be done). Because of that, when I saw that I was to do 9 today, I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. Luckily, I felt really great the whole time, and ended up very happy with the run!

I think I’m probably doing my long runs at too fast of a pace, but when I am feeling good, I have a hard time slowing it down. The second that I got back from my run, I had to jump in the shower so we could get out the door ASAP to go to a friend’s house for brunch (one of the reasons for making the pumpkin bread!)

Rebekah (in the back) was the one that hosted brunch today

Side note: please notice how my friends look classy and there I am at a bar after a run, wearing a Brooks pullover. I remember thinking that I probably still looked fine despite coming directly from a run, but now I’m thinking I was mistaken haha.

Brunch was absolutely amazing with a menu including: homemade monkey bread (and I mean even the dough was homemade), 3 different types of quiche (also homemade), ham balls, crepes, pumpkin bread (my contribution), fruit salad, mimosas, and mulled wine. What a perfect meal to devour after running 9 miles. πŸ™‚

Immediately after brunch I had to go to campus to talk to potential graduate students. My advisor had asked me to attend the Big Ten+ Grad Expo today to promote our lab and try to get some new students. I wasn’t that excited about it, but it was actually really great: I talked to about 20 potential students! It is fun to talk about your research on a high-level, especially when people are interested (or at the very least, acting interested!). I also got a nice long-sleeved t-shirt for participating, so I was pumped about that.

For dinner, D and I decided we were going to go out to eat, but that we had to update each other with what we’ve been up to in the previous week. Obviously we talk everyday, so we already generally know what the other person is doing, but it was nice to give details and hear about all of the different accomplishments. It sounds kind of silly, but it was a good way to wrap up the weekend and get back into thinking about school/research for the week ahead. Plus we went to this awesome Irish restaurant and had these delicious goat cheese fritters.

That’s it for my day. I am trying to pump myself up for a great, productive week. Our Fall Break is next Monday and Tuesday, so we have a four day weekend, and we are going to Las Vegas to visit my sister and her family. πŸ™‚Β 


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