Training Tuesday

I’m borrowing the Training Tuesday topic from Lizzy because I think it’s such a good idea to have one day to reflect on the week’s training, and because the title is so catchy that I can’t pass it up. πŸ™‚

Monday: Strength/Stretching
Monday is the day after my long run, so I typically just base my running on how I feel. Sunday’s run was very exhausting and I felt extremely worn out for the rest of the day on Sunday, so I decided to take Monday off.

Tuesday: 8 x 400 @ 2:05 (actual times: 2:02, 2:01, 1:57, 1:59, 1:59, 1:57, 2:00, 1:56)
As I started to jog down to the local track, I was not excited about doing track work; however, once I got about a mile into the warm up, I felt much better and was ready to go! The only other track workout I have done (well, since I was in track in high school) was 800 repeats, which I wasn’t a huge fan of. I really liked doing these 400s though! I think it’s a nice distance. I remember in high school I thought the 400 was way too long…who would have thought that I would become a distance runner! πŸ™‚ My goal time for the 400 was my 5k pace, which would be about a 2:05. I was happy that I was able to go slightly faster than that for all 8 splits. πŸ™‚

Wednesday: 4 miles @ 9:54 pace
I tried my hardest to make this a true recovery run after the speed work on Tuesday. I was pumped that I was able to keep the pace nice and easy–usually I speed up without noticing, and then I feel like I’m not getting a real recovery run.

Thursday: 1.25 miles @ 9:07 pace
Because I had run more than expected on Tuesday (I thought I would be around 4 miles total for the day, but actually ran 5.9), I felt like I could do a shorter run today. This run was with my dog around the neighborhood, which is a nice way to add variety to my runs (she is pretty good at running with me, but if we see a rabbit, all bets are off).

Friday: 4 miles @ HM pace, goal: 9:05-9:09 (actual pace: 8:50, splits: 8:39, 8:55, 9:04, 8:41)
This run felt SO hard for some reason (well, possibly because I was going faster than I should have been). I was having a really hard time with pacing, which was frustrating, and then around mile 3 I started feeling overly exhausted. I guess every run can’t feel great,

Saturday: Rest
I was definitely ready for this rest day. I actually almost went for a short run with my dog, but she tends to go pretty fast, and I didn’t want to overdo it, so I decided to take the day completely off.

Sunday: 9 mile long run (pace: 9:40)
This run felt great! After my blah Friday pace run, and last week’s mediocre long run, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I felt good the entire time. I kept decently even splits, and felt strong all the way until the end.

Total Mileage: 24.38

Overall, I think this was a great week! This was my highest weekly mileage ever, so that was exciting, and most of the runs felt pretty good. I hope to get even more miles in this week. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Training Tuesday

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I'm glad I'm not the only person who appreciates some alliteration in a blog post title πŸ™‚

    Nice work on your 400s! Way to end on a fast one! I always try to end strong, but usually I end up having my second-to-last interval or repeat be the fastest.


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