New Phone Day! And the Horrible Habit of Putting Things Off

First of all, I got a new phone today!! πŸ™‚ I got an Iphone 5s, which I know is not the coolest/newest phone out on the market, but it was 99 cents, so I couldn’t pass it up. Now that I have a phone with a nice, functioning camera, you can expect to see a lot more pictures!

My cute dog got the honor of being my first photo on my new phone πŸ™‚

The camera issue leads me to the next topic of the day: putting things off. I dropped my phone outside on concrete on January 30, 2013…I remember clearly because it was my birthday, and I thought I had such bad luck to break my phone on my birthday! The front screen cracked in several places, and I was super bummed out. In addition, the camera stopped working (the front facing one worked, but the regular one wouldn’t). We were about 8 months away from an upgrade, and it was decently expensive to get the screen fixed, so we began searching around for other options. Eventually, we found out that someone who works in the same building as us fixes iPhones, and the best part–he only wanted $20! We got my phone to him, and asked him to fix the front screen. He pointed out that the back also had a crack, and he could replace it cheaply, so of course we said “go for it!”.

He fixed my phone and when I got it back, it looked great! Unfortunately, the camera still didn’t work, and now the front camera didn’t work either. I brought it back to him and told him my issue and he said he wasn’t sure if he could fix the camera because it was a little more complicated. For the front camera, he said maybe the screen was slightly misaligned, which was causing the software to prevent the camera from running. He tried fixing it, but it didn’t work, so he just handed the phone back to me. Now I had a phone that looked fixed, but didn’t have a functioning camera.

About six months later, my advisor knocked my phone off of a lab table during a meeting (on accident). I just picked it up without looking at it and set it face down back on the table. It had a case, so I wasn’t that worried about it. Once the meeting was over, I looked at it, and saw the screen was cracked again. 😐 I didn’t want to say anything to my advisor because I knew he would feel guilty and offer to replace it, or at least help replace it, but since it had already been somewhat broken, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that. I decided to just live with the phone in its broken state.

Somewhere around this time, we were up for our phone renewal. This was great news, except we weren’t sure that we wanted to stay with Verizon, and even if we did, we were considering going back to dumb phones. One day we even went to the Verizon store to talk to them, but they only had about 2 non-smart phones at the store, and both of them were disappointing. We wanted to move away from smart phones so that we didn’t feel so dependent on technology, and because we felt like we could save money if we didn’t have a data plan.

Somehow, we continued with our broken phones (somewhere in this time period, D’s phone also broke, although at least he still had a functioning camera) until today. A few days ago I was feeling frustrated with the lack of a camera, so I just got on Verizon’s website and got us new phones, and while I was at it, looked at other phone plans. I was able to find a plan that saves us about $80 a month. Saving $80 a month and getting new phones?!? I’m so mad that I didn’t put time into this sooner because we could have saved a ton of money and had working phones this whole time. *sigh* Oh well, I’m using it as a reminder that it is silly to put things off, especially for extended periods of time!


One thought on “New Phone Day! And the Horrible Habit of Putting Things Off

  1. Haha! I just had basically the same thing happen to me. I had a phone that just kept breaking for the last year and a half, probably more. I think the problem was the place I was taking it to for repairs was doing a crappy job (sound familiar?) and so it would just break again. I was overdue for an upgrade (the last new phone wasn't an upgrade, long story) I *finally* got my butt to the sprint store to talk options, and it turns out I could get a new iphone (not the newest, but new to me) AND reduce my monthly bill. Who feels like an idiot? This girl.

    At least I'm not the only one πŸ™‚

    Glad to hear you have a functional phone again! High five for phones that work!


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