Training Tuesday: October in Review

I’ll start with a recap of this week, and then get onto the review of the entire month of October.

Monday: Rest (actual: 1.50 @ 8:37 pace)
I often take a rest day on Monday, since it’s the day after my long run, but I was feeling ready to run, so I went out for a short, quick one. I felt good (even though it was short!), so it was a confidence booster. 🙂

Tuesday: Run 3-4 miles at HM pace (actual: 3.1 @ 8:52)
It rained for the entire day on Tuesday, so i was worried that I wouldn’t get a run in, but around 10 pm, I decided I was just going to go ahead and run in the rain. It was a decent temp, about 52 degrees, but dark and steadily raining. I put on my insanely bright LED vest, a jacket, a hat, and off I went. I originally told myself that I could stop after a mile, but I felt good, and it was actually quite refreshing to run in the rain, so I ended up doing 5k.

Wednesday: Rest
It rained again on Wednesday, so this time I gave in and took a rest day. 🙂

Thursday: Easy 4 (actual: 4.03 @ 9:26 pace)
This run felt very hard, which was frustrating. It was rather cold, and I was feeling pretty wimpy, so I wore pants. I knew this was a bad idea because I always get hot when I’m running, but it was the only way I was getting out the door. About 2 miles into the run, I was SO hot. I was able to finish it out, but I confirmed that I should not wear pants while running if it’s above 40 degrees.

Friday: Easy 4 1 mile run (1 mile with dog @ 8:34)
I was not excited about running today, so I just decided to do a quick run with my dog, then call it a day. Luckily, she’s speedy, so I could at least consider it speed work. 🙂

Saturday: 12 miles 6 miles (6 miles @ 9:16 pace)
I decided to do my long run on Saturday morning instead of Sunday because I was going to a wedding, so I had 12 miles on the schedule. Unfortunately, I was up late on Friday getting some research work finished up, and we had to be ready to leave for the wedding by 11, so I only had time for 6 miles. It felt ok, but not great.

Sunday: 6 miles
I planned to run 6 miles today so that I at least got 12 miles in over the weekend. After sleeping in a little bit (in addition to the extra hour due to the time change!), we went to brunch with friends who also had been at the wedding. This ended up taking a really long time, and then we had to stop at my parents house to get the dog on the way home–by the time we got home it was already dark, and I had to try to get some stuff done. I decided to skip the run for the day. 😐

Total Mileage: 15.89 😦

I was hoping to have another 25 mile week this week, but I definitely fell short. 😦 I know it doesn’t matter too much in terms of my fitness for the half this Saturday, but I’m still disappointed.

October Recap
I am so bummed about this, but I didn’t get 100 miles for the month! If I had been able to do my 12 mile run on Saturday, I would have gotten it, but instead I had a total 95.56 miles for the month. I’m still rather happy with this, but it’s disappointing to be so close to getting 100 miles in for 2 months in a row. I am feeling pretty good with a September total of 94.57 and then an October total of 95.56. This is much higher mileage than I have hit in the past and I hope that it shows during my half this weekend! 

Speaking of my upcoming half, these are my goals:
A: sub 2:00: I want to be able to hit this goal, but I’m not sure if I can. I have done several short runs (3-5 miles) in the past few weeks at this pace, and it has felt rather hard. I am hoping race day adrenaline carries me though, but we will see. 
B: < 2:04:27 (< 9:30 pace): I have done all of my long runs at 9:30-9:40 pace, so my secondary goal for the half is to run faster than a 9:30 pace. 
C: PR with < 2:07:26: I don't think that I should have too much of a problem at least getting a PR for this race since I have trained much better than I ever had in the past.

One thought on “Training Tuesday: October in Review

  1. Its always frustrating to end up with lower milage than you wanted, and especially so if there isn't an obvious reason for why you wanted/needed more rest, such as illness or injury.

    Good luck with your half this weekend! I look forward to reading about it.


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