Marathon Wednesday? Week 4

With the long weekend and then a busy Tuesday catching up from said weekend, my training update is coming out a little late. This week I hit my highest weekly mileage ever, and I felt good for all of my runs! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope training keeps going this well!

On Monday I swam with Dustin again, and ended up doing 1700 meters. This is approximately a mile, which takes me a little over a half hour. I love swimming, and have enjoyed getting back in the pool and building my endurance.

Tuesdayย was a 3 mile run. As I was getting ready to go, Dustin popped out of bed and asked if he could come with. Of course I am always happy to get a running partner, so I said yes, and we took off together. We ended up doing 3.2 miles at a 9:32 pace, which was a great way to start off the morning. ๐Ÿ™‚ The only downside was that we forgot to take a picture. ๐Ÿ˜

Typically, Wednesdaysย have prescribed 5 mile runs, but this week it jumped up to 6 miles. I again went in the morning, and it was only 61 degrees–the cool temperature felt amazing! About 2.5 of these miles were on trails, and were very enjoyable. I continued to speed up throughout the run, and finished with a ย 9:26 mile. Overall I hit exactly 6 miles at a 10:01 pace.

On Thursday, I ranย a 5k route near my house to complete the 3 miles on the schedule. This run was done at lunchtime, so a little warmer than Wednesday, but it still has been much cooler here for the past week than the rest of summer. I am enjoying a break from the humidity! My pace for this 5k ended up being 9:47. Afterwards I was sitting on this bench we have in our backyard, and Nova decided that she wanted to sit next to me. Hilarious.

Awkwardly getting onto the bench
Guarding the yard

Fridayย was a rest day, and I took full advantage of that by doing absolutely nothing.

Saturdayย involved 6 pace miles. I haven’t decided what pace I want to run ‘pace’ miles at, so for now I am just trying to push myself throughout the entire run. I think different coaches suggest different paces (e.g., half marathon pace or 10k pace), and for now I think I am benefiting enough just from trying to run as quickly as I can maintain for the run. Also, on my previous training plan, if there were pace miles or tempo runs, they suggested doing half of the miles as pace, with the rest as warm up and cool down miles. I did something similar to this on Saturday with a warm-up mile in 9:39, followed by 3 pace miles (9:21, 9:11, 9:11), and then 2 cool down miles (9:54, 9:52). It felt like a good effort workout.

Splits for the pace run

Sunday‘s long run was 11 miles, which is the furthest I’ve gone since my half marathon at the beginning of May. I wasn’t sure how it would go, but I did know that I had to get it out of the way ASAP because we were driving to Chicago immediately afterwards. I woke up early (for a Sunday), and set off. I brought half of a banana with me, which I had never done before, and ate part of it around mile 4.5 and another part around mile 7. I think this worked really well for me, except it is difficult to bring a banana with you without it getting mushy! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Overall, this run felt really great. I forced myself to slow down at the beginning, and because of that, I was feeling good the whole time. I was even able to speed up for the last mile to practice fast finishes. The average pace for the run was 10:17.

Overall, this was a great week! I ran 29.3 miles–the most I’ve ever accumulated, and still felt good at the end. This upcoming week I have 30 on the schedule, so wish me luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

How is your training going?
How do you typically structure pace runs?


2 thoughts on “Marathon Wednesday? Week 4

  1. Great job this week- especially with the long run! If I do a pace run I usually sandwich the harder miles in between a warm up and cool down- so I might do a 1 mile warm up, then a few miles at race pace, and then another easy mile to cool down.


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