Marathon Monday: Week 8 Started Out Great!

Week 8 turned out pretty well, although I was again 3 miles short compared to what I was supposed to do. 😦 I also took 0 pictures this week, so this post is going to be rather text heavy.

Monday is typically cross training, but after a full weekend of biking last weekend, I decided to take Monday as a rest day instead. In other exciting news, I got a new GPS watch on Monday–the Garmin 235! Post coming soon with more details. 🙂

Tuesday had four miles on the schedule. This was a rather uneventful run, and I ended up with 4.25 miles at 10:34 pace.

Tuesday’s run stats

Wednesday had seven miles for me to complete. I went in the morning, so it was cooler, but with 100% humidity. I think I still prefer this to later in the day once the sun is beating down. I felt strong this whole run and ended up doing 7.05 miles at 10:18 pace.

Thursday was another 4 mile run. Now that I have an HR monitor on me all the time, I figured I would try to do a run based on HR. I wanted the run to be very easy, so it could be a recovery run, and tried to keep my HR under 155. Towards the end I was getting rather warm, so I let it go higher, but still kept it under 170. I don’t know how people keep their HR at really low numbers like 140! My pace was 10:54, which is slower than I usually go, and my HR was still higher than it should be for recovery runs.

Lots of info from my new watch. 🙂 HR much too high for a recovery run!

Friday was a rest day on the schedule.

Saturday had 7 miles on the schedule. I wanted to try again to do a slow, easy run while keeping an eye on my HR. This was much easier on Saturday, so I guess having the rest day really does help. 🙂 I completed 7.05 miles at a 10:50 pace, with an average HR of 155.

Sunday is where the week unraveled a little bit for me. I had 15 miles on the schedule. Saturday night we had a neighborhood dinner, and some of our neighbors invited me over to their house to hang out after the dinner. After way too much wine, I finally went home, unsure how I was going to run 15 miles the next day. I didn’t even set an alarm, and let myself sleep as long as I wanted to. I woke up around 11:30, and we decided to have potato bowls for breakfast (probably my favorite weekend breakfast). I have never had this before running, but I didn’t really think it’d be an issue. Around 1, we ate, and then I had to get going because we were going to Indianapolis for dinner with Dustin’s parents. I left the house around 2 pm hoping for the best.

The first 7 miles went very well. I made a big loop and came back to our house where I had grapes and Gatorade waiting for me in the mailbox. I set back out, and felt a little tired, but ok. By mile 9, however, I was feeling pretty bad. It was very sunny and warm, and I had only had a sip of water from a fountain around mile 5. Around mile 10 I ran into Walmart for another drink and a minute of AC. I texted Dustin saying I wasn’t sure if I could make it to 15 or not. I struggled through two more miles, stopping twice thinking I was going to throw up. Once I hit 12 miles, I was feeling so bad that I knew I couldn’t (and shouldn’t) continue. I texted Dustin to come pick me up. About 15 minutes later, I threw up my entire breakfast. 😦

I have never thrown up from exercise, although I think this was a combination of drinking the night before, not having enough water, and being out in the middle of the day. I’m pretty down about cutting a long run short, but I don’t think I really had any other option. I considered trying to run another 3 miles once we got home from Indianapolis, but we didn’t get back until 11:30, and that just didn’t seem like a great idea considering my stomach was still rather uneasy. 😦

Overall, the week was good until I got to the long run on Sunday. This was a major reminder that I need to respect the long runs, and prepare adequately. No more late night drinking before a long run, and I need to have a plan so that I’m not running in the middle of the heat of the day. I still was able to get more miles than I’ve ever had in a week: 34.4. I’m thinking that I might make next Sunday’s 13 mile run a 15 mile run instead so that I can get my confidence back up. It is a bit of a recovery week, but I figure adding 2 miles onto the long run shouldn’t make too much of a difference overall.

Have you ever gotten sick from running?
Do you try to make up for missed miles, or just leave them out and move on?


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