Training Tuesday

Hello again!

I am going to start posting training recaps on Tuesdays–mostly because alliteration makes me happy, but also because Mondays are typically fairly open, so I shouldn’t have issues getting a post out by Tuesday morning. This first post will be kind of intense because I want to update you on the first six weeks of the training plan. πŸ™‚

What am I training for?
I want to break 2:00 at the San Diego Half Marathon!

What plan am I following?
It is a combination of Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 2 and Advanced plan.


So far, I have completed almost every workout. The plan started the week before Christmas, and we were actually on a cruise. I was worried about doing all of the runs on the plan, but it was actually pretty easy to want to run everyday when the rest of the day was filled with sitting in the sun and eating tons of food. πŸ™‚

Week of 12.19

Total: 15.5 miles

Key workouts:

  • Monday we were in Fort Lauderdale before leaving for the cruise, so I did a 30 minute run.Β It was so hot and humid (compared to what I was used to) that I thought I was dying.
SO HOT! I am in awe of those of you who live in Florida!
  • I did treadmill intervals instead of hills on Tuesday since I was confined to a treadmill–my first interval run in quite awhile and it felt great!
  • I didn’t do a long run this week because we didn’t get back until Christmas eve and immediately had family stuff to do, but overall I felt like it was a decent start to the training plan.

Week of 12.26

Total: 24.86 miles

Key Workouts:

  • I didn’t do my intervals on Tuesday because I was at my parents house, but I did still get a run in. I actually ran 6/7 days this week despite only being at home 2 days, so I was pretty happy.
  • On Saturday I did a 3 mile pace run with an average pace of 8:57. I was happy to see I could keep this pace despite not doing much fast running recently.
  • On Sunday I did my first long run in months. I ended up doing 9.5 miles with an average pace of 9:57 and I was ecstatic! I hadn’t run that far since October (trail 15k), and I was thrilled with the pace. πŸ™‚

Week of 1.2

Total: 12.02

Key Workouts:

  • ThisΒ is a cutback week in the plan, but it also calls for a 5k race which I did not do. 😐 I did get some great lifting sessions in, and one good indoor cycling workout.

Week of 1.9

Total: 23.16 miles

  • This week was awesome! D has been going to the gym every morning with a friend, so I have been joining him. It provides great structure and encourages me to do things other than just run. In addition to my running this week, I swam, cycled, and had three strength training workouts.
  • I technically did my long run on Monday, but it was a 3 day weekend, so I’m including it in my total for the week. I tried to keep the pace up a little bit, and ended up with 9.1 miles at an average pace of 9:34!

Week of 1.16

Total: 21.76

  • On Tuesday morning I missed the bus to go to the gym, so I almost just said forget it, but I ended up walking (it’s a little over a mile), and I’m glad I did. I changed and went outside for my run. I did 8 hill repeats on a hill near the gym that is about 0.15 miles long with 50 ft elevation gain. Every time I got to the top of the hill I thought, “I’m not sure if I’ll make it through this workout”, but by the time I got back to the bottom, I was recovered and ready to go. πŸ™‚
  • My long run was cut a little short (8.1 miles) because we had to go to Indianapolis and I didn’t give myself quite enough time. It was a good run though–I kept the pace easy, and it was very enjoyable.

Week of 1.23

Total: 12.75

  • This week was a cutback week, so it should have been lower than the past few weeks, but I skipping my run on Sunday (was supposed to be a 10k) for no real reason. I was at my parents house, it was cold out, and my throat was really starting to hurt. I still could have toughed it out, but I didn’t, and I guess that’s all there is to say about that. πŸ™‚
  • I did intervals on Tuesday that I was really happy with. Four of them I did at an 8:00 pace, and the next four I did at a 7:54 pace. They were hard but doable, and I enjoy intervals, so I thought this was a great workout.
  • The rest of the runs were mostly easy, short runs. Not too much else to say!

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