Hi all! It’s been awhile. First, an update from March/April: the weather was all over the place, I ran a half marathon, I ran a 10k, and I started training for…it’s a surprise! Read on. 🙂

First of all, the weather. It has been insane. Between tons of rain, many days that were very warm, followed by days with freezing rain, then back to warm, we’ve been all over the place. I know Indiana (and all of the Midwest) typically has unpredictable weather in the Spring, but I feel like this year has been exceptionally strange.

Half Marathon

At the beginning of March, I ran the San Diego Half marathon. I plan to write a full post about this, but the summary is that I was nowhere near my goal of breaking two hours, finishing in 2:09:xx. 😦 I was stressed out about my goal, very anxious before the race, and I think I just psyched myself out. Once I realized I wasn’t going to be able to keep pace, I was really hard on myself and it made the rest of the race pretty awful. The trip was amazing though, and spending time with friends in a warm place was exactly what I needed after a long winter.

SD Half Sign
Picture with the sign at the expo
SD Half Expo
Tiny beers at the expo
SD Whitney
My friend Whitney and I
SD Half Finish
After the race!



On April 22, I ran a 10k. This is an event that my friend’s mom started putting on two years ago, and it has grown every year. Initially they only offered a 5k, but they have since expanded to include the 10k. The funds for the event go to purchase bookbags and school supplies for kids in the local school system.  It’s a small event (I believe there wree about 80 people total, only 20 did the 10k), but it’s organized, laid out well, and incredibly efficient. I was a little nervous about running the 10k because although I have been triathlon training, I haven’t been running very much. My previous 10k PR was  55:57 (9:01 pace), so my goal was to run every mile under 9:00. The weather was practically perfect (~45 degrees), and although I still had a lingering cough from being sick earlier in the week, I felt like I could accomplish this goal.

When the race started, I kept telling myself to slow it down–I am typically a person who takes off at the beginning of races and regrets that a couple miles later. My first mile flew by in 8:22. I thought that it felt like a good pace, so I decided to try to stay around an 8:30 pace for the remainder of the race. This race took place in a small town, so although the 5k stayed within town, the 10k went out into the country. This part was a little harder because the wind picked up, but physically I felt fine, so I just tried to keep my pace up. Around 5 miles in, I started to catch up to the two guys in front of me and I said, “You can’t let me pass you this close to the end!”, and away the went. Until about a half mile later when one of them slowed down again. I told him we were almost done and he should run with me until the end–he was only 14 and he said this was the farthest he had ever run. 🙂 We ran together until the end, which was a good distraction for me, and I think he was proud to finish strong. I crossed the finish line in 53:14 (8:22, 8:28, 8:46, 8:36, 8:53, 8:41, 7:37 pace for last 0.2), which was good enough for 2nd female in this tiny race. I won a $15 gift card for a local running store, and I was very proud of this new PR. I still think I can go faster, but I am very happy with how this race went.


As for the new training…I’m going to be participant in a Half Ironman event this summer!

Steelhead confirmation

Two of my friends, Beth and Amy (the same ones I ran San Diego with), and I are all participating. Even though we decided back in January that we were going to do it, and I started training at the end of March, I just officially signed up a few days ago, and now it feels really real. 😐 I love the variety of training for triathlons, so I have been enjoying that (although the volume is definitely higher than I’m used to), but I am somewhat terrified about the event. Right now,  my weekly training is something like this:

Monday: Swim (1800-2000 yds); (sometimes I go to spin class too)
Tuesday: Strength train + easy run (~45 minutes)
Wednesday: Running speed work
Thursday: Cycle (~1 hour, usually I go to spin class) + swim
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Long run (this weekend is 8 miles)
Sunday: Long bike ride (this weekend is 35 miles)

It feels weird to only be running three days a week. I also have never biked this much in my life! I don’t doubt that I’m going to be in the best shape of my life after training for this event.


On a different note, it is finals week, so the semester is almost over. I have one more homework assignment due, and then I am done with classes forever! Forever!

Done with school
Granted I still have at least a year left, but classes are out of the way so that counts for something

I am completing my preliminary exam this summer, which means I’ll have about a year after that until I can graduate. I love school, don’t get me wrong, but being here for 4 years for undergrad, then coming back for another 5 (so far) is starting to wear me down.

That’s all for now. With classes being done, I’m hoping to have make more time for my blog. 🙂

What’s the weather like near you? This morning it was 35 degrees here. 😐
Anyone else ever trained for a triathlon? How did it go?
What race are you currently training for?



4 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. Hanna @ minimal marathoner

    Congrats on almost being done with school forever and your 10K PR! And you’re right, you will probably be in phenomenal shape from triathlon training! When is the race?


  2. Congrats on the races!! And you go girl for the half ironman! I am always so impressed by runners who venture over into other sports or activities because I feel like we tend to get in a rut a little bit. I hope your training goes awesome–I’m sure you will crush it!


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